Steve Noonan, a former recording engineer for Prince, is a blend of influences from post-modern British  bands to 70's songwriters.  The end results are clear vocals entwined in pleasingly connected sections, all surrounded by his 12-string guitar’s lush open chords.

His 2009 self-titled EP release established a sound in Minneapolis that is his own.  The 2012 release of his second EP, A Mile Long, represented a new level to Noonan’s music.  Enlisting Dustin Burnett—a Nashville area producer—the record further highlighted Steve Noonan’s lyrical ability, and explored the emotion that a bigger, fuller rock arrangement can evoke from his well-crafted songs.  His third record, 2015's I Could Be Anywhere, also recorded in Nashville with Dustin Burnett producing, showcased Noonan’s evolving artistry within a harder edge. Steve's upcoming release, Dreamland, produced by Chris Furst in Minnesota, is due to drop in January of 2022 and promises more unique 12-string guitar based music and rich vocals from Steve Noonan.