Steve Noonan could silence a room with just his 12-string and stunning singing, yet Dreamland boasts some hearty band arrangements… this rich mix of textures involved makes for fascinating listening…intricate melodies and carefully crafted cadences.” - Sasha Lauryn

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"(Dreamland is) A collection of songs built around lush 12-string guitars, chiming piano and his warm and confident vocals, skirting rock, blues and pop, it’s not that it sounds like you have heard it before, its more that it feels like you should have heard it before."” - Dave Franklin

Dancing About Architecture

Great Stuff!”

— –Dan Kimpel, Music Connection magazine (I Could Be Anywhere)

I Really Love this CD!”

— –Juanita Copeland, Sound Emporium Studios, (I Could Be Anywhere)

Steve Noonan, a former recording engineer for Prince, is a blend of influences:  70’s artists like Neil Young and Warren Zevon; and 80’s post modern bands like The Cure and Echo &The Bunnymen.  Prince's record-making process played a pivotal role in Steve's musical development. The end results are clear vocals entwined in pleasingly connected sections, all surrounded by his 12-string guitar’s lush open chords.

His 2009 self-titled EP release established a sound in Minneapolis that is his own.  The 2012 release of his second EP, A Mile Long, represented a new level to Noonan’s music.  Enlisting Dustin Burnett—a Nashville area producer—the record further highlighted Steve Noonan’s lyrical ability, and explored the emotion that a bigger, fuller rock arrangement can evoke from his well-crafted songs.  His third record, 2015's I Could Be Anywhere, also recorded in Nashville with Dustin Burnett producing, showcased Noonan’s evolving artistry within a harder edge. Steve's newest release, Dreamland, hit the street on January 29th, 2022. It was produced by Chris Furst in Minnesota. The 13-song album comprises more unique 12-string guitar based music, both electric and acoustic, with rich vocals from the creative mind of Steve Noonan.

RADIO PLAYS AND ADDS:  Over 100 stations throughout U.S.A. and Canada


Interview with 89.3 The Current Radio in St. Paul about transitioning to artist from recording engineer. Steve Noonan: Paisley Park and Pachyderm engineering pro takes the mic in his own right

Interview with 89.3 The Current Radio in St. Paul about my days as a recording engineer with Prince.  Artist Steve Noonan on working for Prince

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